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    External JavaScript Sheet

    mballai Level 1
      I've been adding a little JavaScript to my WebHelp pages for quite some time to make them a bit more user friendly. In the interest of easier maintenance, smaller files and speed, I thought it would be best to shift this repeatedly used code to a separate page and just link it. Apparently RoboHelp doesn't naturally like this sort of finesse. After banging my head against the wall, it occurred to me that the compiled project wasn't seeing something. Sure enough, RoboHelp is not smart enough to put the required .js file into your SSL folder. Once you put it in there. it seems to work fine. I haven't yet published it out, so I don't know if it will put it out there as well,. but one would hope so. Anyway due diligence is required to making sure you include the latest copy of the js file with your project.