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    plugin development

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      Hey Adobe


      I was going to try and develop a plugin for illustrator and recently upgraded my version of Illustrator to CC 2014 – the problem I have is that I use xcode 5 and have tried to run the samples, some of them work other's don’t mainly because there are missing dependencies or 10.6 is the default I can seem to change this – Im running 10.9


      I really cant follow the doc’s because it seems carbon bundles have depreciated in xcode 5 and it appears I have to use xcode 4 surely this is not the case… sorry let me rephase than after 10mins of following the docs I hit a wall with carbon bundles


      the procedure of getting even a basic hello World plugin is convoluted to say the least with a tedious explanation of basic point and click routines without going in the linking process of external libraries and classes or even the assignment of header files - there appears to be more info on the sample apps in previous SDK's, the current CC 2014 docs appears a mesh mash of information.


      yes I understand there is a learning curve but there is a responsible to provide documentation that can be used with current development tools - surely if the writers cant explain how to get a basic project up and running how do you expect developers to manage to do this - my assumption would be that the Tutorial project can be used as a basic template but I dont under why there are Tutorial.r dependencies on the project


      Ive been scripting javascript within the Adobe Suite for years and I though the SDK would be to a similar standard - I have need to access the file system of the document and it appears my only route is to write my own plugin.... at this rate it will take me 6 months to wade through it


      Is there any xcode 5 based documentation – do I require carbon bundles for my code to work and where may I remove my 10.6 folder dependencies (ScriptMessage Plugin - creating a dummy folder didnt fix the issue)