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    "seekToNextNavCuePoint" Question.

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      This is my first time using cue points in Flash. I have loaded an external video file through the Flash Video Component. and gave it the instance of "tourvid". It is in the (root) of the scene.

      Within a nested symbol ( Object(root).symbol3.playback ) I am attempting to create a seek button that will skip scenes in the "tourvid" video. When I run the code below, the button is dead and does not display any errors. Should I have to run a meta scan of the video first to compile the cues?? (I did check to make sure they were written when exporting from Premier) Any help would be appreciated! 

      import fl.video.FLVPlayback;

      import fl.video.VideoEvent;

      import fl.video.MetadataEvent;



      button_4.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, movie1);

      function movie1(evt:MouseEvent):void{