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    Crash when I try to change file order in InDesign book

    SimonLinden Level 1


      I'm working on a book in InDesign that consists of several different indd-files collected in a indb-file. Everything has been working without issues until recently when I tried to remove some excess pages from one of the files that comes first in the order (called "43-LUK" see attached image). Whenever I tried to delete those pages InDesign crashed (the spinning wheel came up and spins forever until I forced InDesign to quit – maybe not technically a crash but with the same effect).. So I removed the file from the book and added it again, which worked except for the fact that the file now was last in order. When I tried to move it to its right place InDesign crashed. Interestingly I can move the file to just one step from its correct position (the files "44-JHN" and "43-LUK" should swap places). It makes no difference which of those two files I try to move and I have found that if I try to remove the file "44-JHN" from the book InDesign crashes as well.


      Any ideas how to solve this?