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    AE CC 2014 can't find Quicktime Components after latest FCX upgrade


      Hi there,

      I am in a pretty big trouble. After installing AE CC 2014 (plus premiere, media encoder and so on) everything was just fine and worked flawlessly. Then I upgraded FCX and its new ProRes codecs and now none of the above mentioned softwares seem to work, reporting that there are no quicktime components installed in my system.

      Actually the quicktime components are there since I can play save and export quicktime mov.s with FCX, quicktime, MpegStreamclip and so on as I used to do before the upgrade. Only Adobe CCs 2014 don't work.

      I then donwloaded the components straight from Apple support site, reinstalled them but it didn't work; I disinstalled and reinstalled Adobe CC softwares and nope... neither this way it worked.

      Can you guys help me?

      It would be very much appreciated.