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    Jagged edges on photos.




      I got a huge problem when trying to incorporate pics in PSE12.

      I have downsized all pics to 2000X1500 using PS.


      My problem is that the photos comes out with jagged edges and really bad quality.

      I have tried all sorts of things.  Saving it to PC helped a little but still jagged edges and overall really bad quality.

      Tried different sizes, still same. 

      Even tried downsizing to 720 and burn to disc, playback on ps4.  Still same.


      The quality of video is fine and looks alot better then Pictures.  I can just pause the video and it looks

      crisper with no jagged edges.

      I have never experienced this Before with older versions of PSE. 


      And No!  This is not a resolution issue.  I know they wont look as crisp as original

      photos but they should be on par with videoquality and as of now they are not.

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          Vinjack Level 1

          Ok. so after Another hour of fiddling around with PSE i found that as soon as I put any photos on the

          timeline the size for the photos change from around 1.5mb to 120kb.


          No wonder they look bad.

          Any solutions for this?

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            Just what program are you working with - Photoshop Elements 12 or Premiere Elements 12. The "PSE" abbreviation is typically used with Photoshop Elements.


            In order for us to help you, please clarify your posting. If this is a Photoshop Elements question, you have posted in the wrong forum. You want the Adobe Photoshop Elements Forum (photo editing) and not where you are now the Adobe Premiere Elements Forum (video editing). It is your mention of "Timeline" incorporated in the "PSE" description that is confusing. By any chance are you working in the Elements Organizer Slideshow Editor of a Photoshop Elements program? Do you have any version of Premiere Elements at all?


            Looking forward to your follow up.