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    pausing movie when hyperlink is clicked?

      Captivate version 1. How can I add a button that opens a URL on success but also pauses the movie? I see how to add buttons that will pause the movie but not how to do it when the clicked button opens a URL. I want the movie to pause until the user comes back from the web visit and selects play.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Netanel1111

          When you are editing the Button properties, just to the right of where you type the URL is a downward pointing arrow. Click this and you may configure the link to open in a new window. The option is labeled "New". Click it again after selecting New and you should be able to DE-Select the option labeled "Continue playing movie". This will keep the movie from playing when your user clicks the button.

          Hopefully this helps... Rick