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    Recalculate measuredHeight of List in case of variableRowHeight


      I have a list with variableRowHeight as "true" and useVirtualLayout as "true". I am having 5 items in list. four of them have height of 40px while one of them has only 10px.

      Now the height of list showing on screen is 40x5 = 200px. But I want 40x4 + 10x1 = 170px.


      I extended list class and overrided measure function as:


      override protected function measure():void



        measuredHeight = measuredHeightOfItems();



        private function measuredHeightOfItems():Number


        var mHeight:Number = 0;

        for (var itemIndex:int = 0; itemIndex < dataGroup.numChildren; itemIndex++ )


        var e:DisplayObject = dataGroup.getChildAt(itemIndex);

        mHeight += e.height;


      return mHeight;



      Now whenever any item is removed from list, it still shows numChildren as unupdated.