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    Explore function in Photoshop, not in Illustrator

    Marinka9170 Level 1

      I am having problems with the Kuler palette in Illustrator CC 2014.


      I am signed in, but can't see my favourite palettes. This is the same problem that others at this forum have. Tried signing in and out of Illustrator and CC. Restarting. Verdana enabled.


      I then looked in Photoshop and there everything works and even more: you can explore uploaded palettes in the Kuler Photoshop window itself.

      And I looked in Illustrator CC (so not the 2014 version) and it works there too (not with the explore possibility as in Photoshop, but still…)!


      So first question: why can't you do that in Illustrator?

      Second question: what can I do to get Kuler working in CC 2014?