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    why are there two versions of Photoshop (CC

    Sufferincats Level 1

      After accidentally opening two parts of the same website in DW CC and DW 2014 CC, I uninstalled the older version.  Can someone tell me WHY the new version didn't overwrite the older one?  I assume that it is necessary to uninstall older versions, but this should be automatic on the upgrade shouldn't it?.  What is the reason for this? Kind of interested because it was unexpected.


      Years ago when upgrading from CS3 we discovered that the Photoshop PDF function could no longer make PDFs with pages in newer versions CS4 and CS5 (which clients wanted) so I have kept my CS3 Photoshop pgm just for making PDFs, while running the latest version for everything else.  Is it possible that Adobe depreciated some functions in this new release of CC2014 and that is the reason for both versions of CC?  Just putting it out there, I don't spend my vacations in Roswell, NM or anything like that.