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    Flash 8 support in Director MX (ver 9.0)

      At the http://www.adobe.com/support/director/downloads.html there is new support for Flash 8 SWF files in MX 2004. This is great and has been highly anticipated by many users. Unfortunately, I'm using Director MX (ver 9.0) and have a need for the support as well. My only option at this point is to convince the department to upgrade to 2004. This is unfortunate only because there are rumors of a new version of Director to be released. Does anyone know if I buy 2004 now if the new version will be a free upgrade? Or if there is something I can do to get Flash 8 SWFs to play in MX (ver 9.0) until the new version comes out which we will purchase.

      John Tumino
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          Adobe has not released any information about the pricing for the next
          version of Director, upgrade or otherwise, so anything that anyone says
          on this board about it is purely speculation. But that said, I would
          very seriously doubt that it would be a free upgrade.

          I have not tried this, but you can try to download the 10.1 update from
          Adobe's site and pull out the Flash Asset xtra. Put that into your
          xtras folder, and it may allow you to work with newer Flash files. Or
          it may not. But it is worth a try. Be sure to back up any files you
          overwrite, since it may very well cause problems.
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            tumino Level 1
            I pulled the Flash Asset Xtra out and put it in my Xtras folder and it worked :)

            Thanks Mike

            I tried doing something like that yesterday but wasn't familiar with how they added the support or which files to pull.