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    Incorrect image links in InDesign CC


      I have been using InDesign for years and this is a first. I am running InDesign CC on an older Mac Pro running OSX lion 10.7.5 as I am no longer able to upgrade operating system on this machine. To make a long story short, I have incorrect images being placed in place of what was once correct. For example, I had a linked file which had a file name of 7136.psd and I believe it was after packaging that the file then changed to a completely different file name and image of "1546.psd". While I can at least see the possibility of similar filenames being misinterpreted by InDesign, this behavior seems odd. The document I am working on is quite large and image heavy, so I now have to go through and check every single image which will be quite time consuming. Anyone ever have this issue? If so, any fixes?