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    how generate QR codes in data merge?


      which format i need to use in a .csv or .txt files to generate the "Business Card" QR codes (using data merge) ??

      i haven't found it in the help!!

      Enhanced Datamerge


      You can integrate a QR code in the merged document. Following are the different types of QR code fields that can be added via Data Merge workflow:

      • Plain Text
      • Web Hyperlink
      • Text Message
      • Email
      • Business Card

      To generate the QR codes the data entries in the .txt or .csv files, which are used as Data Source, are in the following format:

      • Plain Text: In the QR code Column enter the text as it is.
      • Web Hyperlink: URL:<url> (For example “URL:http://www.google.com”)
      • Text Message: SMSTO:<Phone number>:<Message> (For example: “SMSTO:9818143551:Hi”)
      • Email: MATMSG:\nTo:<email address> (example: “MATMSG:\nTO:johndoe@adobe.com\nSUB:Hi;\nBODY:;;”)

      Though the data entries can be a mix of email, sms, hyperlink, or plain text type. Enter them in the .csv and txt field in the above mentioned format with a # sign on their column name. To generate QR codes, follow these instructions:

      • Select Windows > Utilities > Data Merge.
      • From the flyout menu, select Select Data Source.
      • Select the data file with the QR field information. Click Open.
      • Select the placeholder in the document.
      • Click Create Merged Document icon to create a merged document.