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    E-mail set up on Business Catalyst

    RepulseMonkey Level 1

      OK, we've recently, registered a domain name with Namesco.  We've changed the name server details to pint to BC.


      That a'appears' to have worked.  When we type in the web address in a browser the site appears correctly.  We can also edit the site 'in-browser' – works great.


      Now, we have NOT set up any e-mail hosting with Namesco.  An e-mail account HAS been set up on the BC system (as far as we can tell).  We would like to access the web mail facility on BC.


      When we go to the BC admin site (which we can log into successfully), there is no link in the tool bar to webmail.


      We can type the mail.sitedomain..co.uk in a browser and get the Webmail log in panel, but the usernames/password are not recognised.


      Are we doing something wrong?  Do we need to set up a new MX record on the BC system?  There's lots of info on Adobe's site, but it's a bit confusing.


      Just been to chat with an Adobe techie, and they reckon the site hasn't propagated properly yet.  But we can see the site OK.  And we have changed the NS records.


      Or do we have to pay for e-mail hosting with Nameco and then point the mail to BC?


      Any help gratefully appreciated.

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          TS-Rohit Adobe Employee



          To clarify, the webmail option is only visible for the user who is an Admin and email user both to that specific BC site. Please let me know the site URL to check the settings. If this is a new email creation, you must have mentioned email address on 'Send Activation E-Mail to:' which will receive the email to setup the password.


          If that doesn't help, simply contact support again here Contact Customer Care for any help on password related issues. Also the support staff should be able to set the 'Forgot Password Email Address' on your behalf.


          Hope that helps!


          Kind Regards,

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            RepulseMonkey Level 1

            Thanks for the info.


            Yes, an activation e-mail was sent to the new user.  I'm guessing then that the same address should be typed into the webmail log in – plus the password that was set up in response the activation mail.


            I've given the new user an 'Admin' level permissions.  Perhaps the new user will be able to see the webmail option in the admin interface tool bar now.  We'll try that later today.


            The domain name is karinfrances.co.uk.  Just to clarify, when the domain was registered, we didn't set up an e-mail account with Namesco.  We've just got 'e-mail forwarding'. Does this affect anything?


            Thanks for your help so far.

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              RepulseMonkey Level 1

              Hi, just to follow this up.  I'm also set up on the site with 'Admin' level prefs.  Should I be able to see a web ail facility in the BC Admin Tool bar when I log in?


              Or would I have to set myself up with an e-mail account for the is to be in effect?

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                TS-Rohit Adobe Employee



                For eg. youremail@yourdomain.com can only see webmail option if you login with youremail@yourdomain.com to yourdomain.com. There is no other email address as an Admin can see your webmail option.


                Regarding the password issue, I would suggest to follow the above link for customer care and should be sorted.


                Appreciate your time and concern.


                Kind Regards,