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    Best way to replace image in an AI file 100 times?


      Hi all!


      This is driving me crazy...


      So I have my A4 AI document with a QR code at the bottom (don't ask why I'm using QR codes, client work) and need to replace it and export the A4 poster as a PDF. I need to do this 100 times with 100 different QR codes and save 100 PDFs.


      To summarise I need to,


      1. Open A4 document (that has artwork already).
      2. Drop in QR code A near the bottom.
      3. Export as PDF A.


      1. Open main document.
      2. Drop in QR code B.
      3. Export as PDF B.


      And so on x100....


      I have a experience with actions in Photoshop but not batch actions or scripts, and obviously need to run it in Illustrator...


      Can anyone help?


      Thank you!