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    Edge Animate performance awful...

    penserv Level 1

      Just drawing a rectangle is real laggy. It only shows to be using 75Mb of RAM in the task manager. Also playback is choppy but plays fine in the browser. I recently updated to version 2014.0, and before the update it ran like a champ. Any ideas? The program is now essentially USELESS!!!. Photoshop and Illustrator run with no issues. I've restarted, i'm running the latest graphics drivers, so there shouldn't be any reason for the super slow performance. Even clicking icons on the toolbar lags! Can I revert to the previous version?



      I uninstalled Edge Animate, deleting the preferences, re-installed it, same problem persists.

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          SujaiS Adobe Employee

          Hi penserv, Sorry about the experience your facing with Edge Animate. I'm assuming that you areon Windows since you mentioned Task Manager. We have a known performance issue in Edge Animate and I would like to suggest the below workaround for this.



          a) Go to Control panel/Color management/

          b) Click Advanced tab and check if the Device profile is anything other than System default.

          c) If it is set to anything other than system default we have found the performance of Animate to be poor.

          d) Reset it to system default unless there is a specific reason you need a different color profile. This will fix the known performance issue with Animate.


          Note: We are investigating this and planning on a fix in an upcoming release, so that you need not change to default color profile.


          Let me know if this helped.



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            penserv Level 1

            Wow, that has to be one of the strangest bugs I've come across. It worked, but it still seems a little slow to respond, but is at least usable. Thanks!

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              AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Been pulling my hair out for hours trying to fix this issue! This fixed it! THANK YOU!