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    Error message when running MultiPageImporter script

    Chrysalid Level 1


      I had posted this in the Adobe forum, and it was suggested I move it over here.


      I have a 300+ page document - original is 8.5x5.5.

      I want to print it on 8.5x11 sheets - landscape - so two pages are on each sheet.

      BUT - I want to have my two copies printed - and then cut the pages in half to end up with two full books...

      So if I print two copies, I need page 1 and page 1 on the same side on the same page - page 2 twice on the back...


      I was directed to a script download:

      Actually an InDesign script makes it possible.

      Create a new 8.5 x 11 document.

      Install this script


      Run the script twice, changing the x offset 5.5 inches (relative to top left) for the second run.


      I have downloaded the script and am trying to run it in InDesign CS6.

      I get this error when I run:


      Any suggestions as to how I can make this work?


      Thanks !