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    Following a cache purge in Bridge, IGetPreviewIconHandler is subsequently invoked, but Bridge ignores the returned Icon

    michaelfellis Level 1

      I am having great difficulty getting Bridge to properly display preview icons.  I have found that Bridge will show the proper Preview Icon for each asset so long as I don't clear Bridge's cache or check the asset out.  As soon as I do either of those, bridge uses a blank icon instead of the one provided by IGetPreviewIconHandler.  What's more, when I cancel a check out, I find that Bridge continues to display a blank icon even though no changes were made to the asset and its modification date returns to the same value as it was prior to check out.


      I can see my IGetPreviewIconHandler get invoked, and I have ensured that an Icon object is returned, but Bridge simply ignores the result.  Normally I would suspect an invalid ETag or something, but the IGetPreviewIconHandler does not use ETags to communicate changes (so far as I can tell).


      Does anyone have some insight as to what might be happening here?