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    uneven borders printing to an epson R3000


      I am having trouble printing from lightroom to an Epson R3000 on a Mac.  The borders end up uneven or it leaves a strip on one side white when it should be printing borderless.  Drivers are updated.  The same problem does not occur when printing from Preview.  I have searched through all the settings I know and cannot find any reason.  Any ideas?  Anyone else having this problem?

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          SausalitoDog Level 2

          I'm not positive but i think it is  paper size issue with the epson driver.


          I have an R3000 and when I print an 8x10 image with LR it doesn't center correctly - long side ends are fine but the 8" part is ⅛ inch on one side and ⅜ on the other. I just tried and have the same problem when I print from Photoshop with this printer. I do not have the problem from LR or PS from my 4900 printer.

          I have a query in to Epson support and will post here if they have any reasonable answer.


          Tom O'Connell