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    Ctrl+Shift Pasting within Same Document

    chinarabbit Level 1

      So I dont know if this is possible, if its not, I'd like to request it be added to future releases


      I have an animation which requires all frames be on the same document, for example, if the animation was 50x50 pixels, and there were 10 frames, my document would be 500hx50w


      actually 501 pixels high, as the first pixel row is the animation data


      Now, I've created control boxes for each animation, which are 50x50, of alternating colors, so that each animated frame can be easily selected


      Now, lets say i want to change one part of the frame 1 animation a bit for frame 2.. Here is how I proceed:


      • I select the first colored control box, to get the marching ants around the first 50x50 square frame
      • I select my element within that area on the layer for the item I want in my next frame, then Ctrl+C it
      • I deselect the Control Box, then select the second control box for frame 2, to get the marching ants around that colored box
      • I Create a new layer and hit Ctrl+V (or just paste to new layer, result is the same) and it just pastes it in the middle of the box, not aligned with where I need it to be
      • Hitting Ctrl+Shift+V seems to do nothing at all, whereas one would fully expect it to paste the object int eh exact position within the box that it was copied from


      Can anyone help figure out how to paste in place within selections in the same document in Photoshop?


      I'm not seeing a solution to this





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          chinarabbit Level 1

          I also tried Marching ants around the first box, selecting the element I wanted, Hiding other layers as well as the control box, copying merged and pasting over the second control box when it had the marching ants.. that didnt work


          tried the same thing but pasting into a new document, it pasted in place to the new document fine, but wouldnt copy / copy merged & paste into my selection properly, it just pasted in the middle


          Pasting in the middle is the default action, and it works great and is very useful.. but paste in place seems to have no function here whatsoever.. its like its been forgotten about.. and theres no reason it shouldn't work..



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            chinarabbit Level 1

            The only thing I can think of as a work around to my problem is to Ctrl+Alt+T the item, keyboard arrow it to the place on the next frame, then Ctrl+Shift+Alt+T it onto the other animations


            but I'd like to paste it in place normally into the marching ants