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    Flex Builder Crashes

      I have been working with Flex for 5 months now and have no idea why this is happening.
      When I go to build a project, Flex gets invocted on my project folder and when it completes, Flex shuts down.
      Has anyone else experienced this, what can I do to resolve?
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          Rahul Mainkar Level 1
          Hi there,
          I have faced a similar issue before. I had an old machine with only 512MB RAM. At that time, flex 2 builder used to crash frequently. Carsh used to happen usually when I tried to create a new project or start flex2 builder.

          What I tried was to remove the flex builder 2 folder in my documents and keep it safe in some other drive . Now I tried to start it again and it worked. I feel its coz of low virtual memory , that this problem has occured. May be or may not be but it was a trial and error method. that I used.
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            Silver27 Level 1
            Why don't you try to get rid of your workspace folder and create a new one. Don't have to have anything in the new folder just point your workspace to there....