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    Photoshop CC2014 and Wacom pressure, weird behavior when using with Lightroom

    Victor Wolansky Level 2

      Hi! After installing Photoshop CC2014 and discover I had no more pressure sensitivity working with my Wacom, I stumbled upon that thread that explain how to get back pressure without enabling Windows ink on the Wacom driver, which brings a lot of other issues, and got it working again.


      But what is really weird, is that is Photoshop CC2014 is opened from Lightroom, then the pressure stop working... what is more weird, is, if I open Photoshop manually and keep it open, then go to Lightroom and select a photo, and choose edit in Photoshop, I have pressure, but if I close Photoshop, and from Lightroom I select edit in Photoshop, which then opens Photoshop, then I do not have pressure sensitivity..


      Any clues why this can be?  I do not want to enable Windows Ink, it gives me lots of trouble with other apps and messes with the right click and middle click settings.