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    Tour de flex down. Reports "no internet connection"

    HowardJachter Level 1

      7/2/2014: Tour de Flex: Tour de Flex | Adobe Developer Connection does not seem to be be working. Comes up with the following message:


      "Tour de Flex is OFFLINE


      If you are seeing this, Tour de Flex has not detected an internet connection and you are offline. Most of the AIR samples will work offline but many other samples require an internet connection."


      Most examples don't work in this state. My internet connection is fine (using it now to enter this post). This has been going on for the last month. Before that it worked. I get the same result on all my machines. It appears that Adobe has turned off the server component. If this is the case.. that's bad for developers. Tour de Flex was the most useful tool around to help build Flex proficiency. The Apache Flex site examples are utterly dismal and useless. There is no substitute that I've been able to find for Tour de Flex.


      Can anyone tell me what the status is of this tool? Is Apache taking it over? Why would Adobe take it down before it's migrated?