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    The best approach to write more than 1 Lakh data into an Excel Sheet.

    Abdul L Koyappayil Level 1

      Hi All,


      In one of my application I need to generate report in Excel file where data contains huge,more than one lakh. Currently I am querying this from database and looping through a cfoutput tag to write data into an excel sheet. But the problem with this method is Timeout issue or java heapsize is very less.


      I think this is a drawback of coldfusion to write data in to Excel sheet. Right?? .  In this time we need to depend on Java to write huge data into Excel sheet.


      Why we cant achieve this in ColdFusion , eventhough CF is built on Java platform.


      Any one have any suggestions or any thoughts on this.Please share.


      Your timely help is greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.