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    RAM preview needs 2 or more frames error


      Good Morning,


      I have just encountered this error for the first time since i started using AE about 6 years ago.


      I am running a PC (windows 7 pro), i5 2.90GHz 64-bit OS, 16GB RAM, and 1 GB Graphics card, dedicated 1TB HDD for Cache. Creative Cloud subscription.


      I had no problems up until the update to 'After Effects CC 2014', since this update i cannot generate a RAM preview. I have read countless forums and i have followed previously suggested solutions (purge, remove VCReflect plugin, started AE as administrator etc), to no avail.


      Any suggestions will be welcomed.



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          I have the same problem ! crazy


          The thing I did was back install Cs6 after effects.. Very frustrating !

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            Tim Kurkoski Adobe Employee

            The "RAM preview needs 2 or more frames to play back" message usually means 1 of 2 things. Either:

            1. You have requested a RAM preview of only 1 frame.
            2. There is not enough RAM available to generate more than 1 frame.

            Regarding the first possibility, make sure that your comp is more than one frame long, and that your work area bar is set to more than one frame. Also make sure that in the Preview panel the From Current Time option is not enabled, if your current time indicator is on the last frame of your comp. In these cases the message is saying "You don't have more than one frame for me to play, so using RAM preview doesn't make sense: this single frame is already on screen and already cached!"

            Regarding the second possibility, there are a number of contributing factors. Generally, make sure that there is available memory for After Effects to use, which you can check in Activity Monitor or Task Manager. If you don't have much free memory: use the Edit > Purge > All command, close other applications and/or restart After Effects or your computer. If you appear to have lots of free memory, start breaking down your comp, turning off effects and layers (including cameras and lights) until you can get a RAM preview without the error message.

            Effects, in particular, can consume large amounts of memory, such as particle effects or effects that grow the layer bounds to very large sizes. If After Effects can't generate more than one frame for such a layer in the amount of available memory, you may get this error message.

            If you're still having trouble, test by building simpler comps just to verify you can RAM preview anything, such as an animated shape layer or text or a piece of footage with no effects applied to it. If you need to post back to this thread, describe the contents of your comp, including the comp settings, layer types, effects applied, etc. Screenshots and screen capture videos are always helpful.

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              strangers1984 Level 1

              Hi Guys,


              Thank you for your replies, I have found the source of the problem. My anti virus was (for some unknown reason), blocking Adobe Dynamic Link. As soon as I unblocked this, it works perfectly.


              Thanks again.