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    How come Lightroom doesn't read the lens data correctly?

    Jonas Eklundh

      So, seeing how Aperture is being EOL:ed, I have been switching over to Lightroom. So step one was to "relocate originals" in Aperture, meaning that all original photos are moved to a file/folder location. I then pointed Lightroom to this location and voila, all photos in Lightroom.


      Then I set about to recreate some of my albums and smart folders in Aperture, several being ones that show images taken with specific lenses or cameras, and here there were problems.


      In Aperture, I have a smart folder set to "all photos where lens = 'AF DC-Nikkor 135mm f/2D'", but when I recreated this as a smart collection in Lightroom, I only got 21 images. Weird, there should be hundreds. After some digging, I found out that for most of these photos taken with this lens, the actual lens data in Lightroom was set to the generic "135.0 mm f/2.0", and if I added this lens to the smart collection, all was shown again.


      But that's not good at all! Why would Lightroom replace actual lens data with generic lens data? I dug around some more, and it seems that the only places where Lightroom would get the lens data correctly is when I have made external edits in Aperture, which results in a TIFF file, so in the cases where the original file was TIFF, Lightroom read the lens data correcgtly, but with RAW and JPG, it used generic lens data.


      Here is an image where you can see a photo that has generic lens data in Lightroom and when the original file is opened in Preview, you can see the actual lens data:




      Anyone have any idea why this is? I've tried selecting "read metadata from file" but that doesn't change anything.