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    LR mobile Sync of iPhone photos to LR desktop? Not sure if it is working....

    rsailer Level 1

      I created a collection on my iPhone by importing all 3000 or so iPhone pictures. It is slooooooowly syncing to my desktop lightroom (5.5). Above the signature block in LR desktop there is a line that says "Syncing 72 photos." In the Collections section, there is a collection called "From Lr Mobile" that with a sub collection that shows 417 photos. That number is rising more slowly than the number above the signature block is rising. Neither number is close to the 3000 in the collection that was created by importing pictures on my iPhone.


      I have been syncing for days. Is there a way to speed things up? Am I asking too much of LR mobile? I was thinking this maybe a useful way to get my iPhone photos archived directly into my desktop LR; not clear if that workflow will work.