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    Edge Animate CC - some animations not working in IE and Safari


      Hello, im a new user to EA CC. While testing this app i found one very annoying problem with compatibility with Internet Explorer (11) and Safari (not sure about the number, iPad Air version), when files are opening from local computer, not from website.


      Description of project:

      1. Background JPG (scrollable or fixed)

      2. PNG layers with animation, moving from outside of scene into scene


      Animation goes as follow:

      1. 3 PNG files (objects, layers) moving from outside scene (right side) to the left into scene

      2. Pause

      3. All files lost opacity to 0%

      4. New 3 objects moving from right (outside) to left (inside)

      5. Pause

      6. Repeat


      I'ts just a test project


      Problem: Chrome and Firefox doing fine in all cases, IE and Safari doing fine ONLY when launching html from external site. When trying to open index.html locally, in IE and Safari animation shows only up to point 3. New 3 files wont show up at all, but after a while, point 6 is triggered and it starts over.

      Tip: When pasting this kind of link to the IE -  "http://localhost:54321/_DRIVE_E_EVIRD_/WORK/[project location]/index.html?mode=preview" - everything is working ok. Popup shows up with informations that "Intranet settings are turned off " (not exact translation from polish).