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    Sigma DP2 Quattro X3F raw files


      Sigma X3F raw files : I know it's been asked before ,looking back through the discussions for at least a few years but will these files ever be compatible with LR or PS. Does anyone know why they aren't. A little Information would be nice.. Is it down to Sigma or Adobe ? I know that this camera is very recent but I cannot use RAW files with it if I cannot edit them. SPP is absolutely diabolical.. and unusable. Thanks :-)

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You are probably aware that you're not talking to Adobe here. We are all just users like yourself. The only thing you can know for sure is that the camera will be supported when Adobe adds the support. That information is never announced ahead of time.

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            CarnageSin Level 1

            Yes I am aware that this is just a forum but just seeing if anyone had any input. Thanks for commenting. Sigma for whatever reason think that if they provide us with their own software they will not need to work with Adobe. Other manufacturers do this too but they know that their software is for enthusiasts and professionals require editing in Adobe LS and PS .Not being supported by Adobe means their sales and reputation just exists in the interests of a few. Their products are not only interesting but the quality of the images are impressive. Their sales would multiply tenfold if support was given. Every photographer I know brings up the issue and will not touch them which is a shame. This camera was designed for a professional approach to the image and I don't think enthusiasts would be interested because of it's lack of bling. So I'm going to bombard Sigma and Adobe until I get a response, it may take years but I have the time..

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              CarnageSin Level 1

              A response from Sigma : Unfortunately it is not us but Adobe that is your trouble, X3F files are multi-layer as opposed to DNG files which are single layer. Adobe invented DNG files and gave them to any manufacturer that would care to use them. We would gladly work with Adobe but it seems it is not to be. You can convert your X3F files to Tiff and then process them in Adobe products. This is about your only alternative at this time.


              I am grateful that Sigma responded and clarified the situation and am awaiting Adobes response on Twitter as they said they would look into it for me. So where from here ? Well is there a way to convert X3F to DNG preserving all the RAW data, maybe from a third party? I don't know but here's hoping.. (If You ever look in here Sigma , Thank You.. The frustration is always the lack of information . A very interesting thread : DNG File format compatibility with X3F data: Sigma Camera Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review

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                JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I don't know anything about Sigma cameras or issues with them and Lightroom or Photoshop. But according to the list of supported cameras published by Adobe, the camera you mention has been supported for quite some time.

                Camera Raw plug-in | Supported cameras

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                  CarnageSin Level 1

                  Yes JimHess , that does confuse me but the response I got from Sigma was from today.. I have tried to import these files to LS PS and Camera Raw but to no avail (Unsupported Files) Previous X3F files were/are supported but not from the new cameras. But I'm learning as I go along :-)

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                    JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    So is the "new" camera actually the Sigma DP2?

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                      JohnWilhelm Level 1

                      Yes absolutely same opinion here. Sigma Photo Pro is absolutely not worth the "Pro" in it. Should be called "Sigma Bug Pro". Without LR/ACR support the DP2 QUATTRO is absolutely useless. Please Adobe! Go for it! Sigma's reply was: "Adobe has to do it!". I guess Adobe and Sigma should just sit on a table to realize a solution. Perhaps Sigma should be a little more interested in such a cooperation. I mean they will never be able to enter the market seriously without LR/ACR support. Ahhh... it's a pitty. Such a fine cam.

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                        I have to concur that Sigma Photo PRO is not that PRO. Even Sigma's own video tutorial tells you to export the raw files into TIFF and finish processing them in another program. I have a dp2 Quattro for evaluation and am returning it as required. I plan to write a full review once I'm done processing all the raw files I captured. Low ISO is exceptionally sharp with amazingly faithly color reproduction provided you can get the white balance and tonal adjustments right in Sigma Photo PRO. Unfortunately, the software Sigma provides (free) isn't as stable as it should be, especially for it being up to version 6 now.


                        I tried importing the X3F files into LR 5.5 and it doesn't recognize them. ACR in Photoshop CC 2104 also doesn't recognize them. So we are stuck with Sigma Photo PRO.

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                          I have been wanting to purchase a sigma dp camera but without support from lightroom I will not.  Would be great if Adobe and / or Sigma would get it together and support these files.  Foveon sensors are really interesting, it would seem at some point there would be greater support of these files.


                          If anyone at Sigma is reading this, you are losing customers!

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                            Walter_Rowe Level 1

                            The Foveon sensor is definitely unique in it's design. No other sensor captures the full RGB triplet at every sensor cell. It has it's limitations. In my testing, it really isn't useful above ISO 400. The colors start to muddy up pretty quickly above ISO 400. At least that is my experience with the X3 Quattro sensor. I haven't tried the X3 sensor bodies so I cannot say whether they have the same limitation.

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                              MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee

                              Unfortunately not soon. The best technical approach in the meantime would be to do the initial raw conversion in Sigma's software and save the result as a 16-bit TIFF, which you can then further develop in ACR / Lr. I know this workflow is not ideal, but it's what we have at present.