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    Preload audio, "mute on" and "mute off" on IOS

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      I created a flipping book.

      When you open the first page begins audio1.mp3.

      When I turn the page and go to the second page audio1.mp3 stops and starts audio2.mp3.

      On pc (chrome, IE, Firefox) works fine but on Ipad I do not hear audio1.mp3 when I load the flipping book.

      I used this code on the timeline:



      The other MP3 files work fine on the following pages.

      Maybe because I used this code on the action "swipeleft" of the page2.jpg:





      Even the "mute on" function does not work on Ipad:

      $("audio").prop("muted", true);

      and the "mute off"

      $("audio").prop("muted", false);


      I know that the preload on iOS is not working properly. There is a solution to the problem?