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    Problem with Adobe XI




      I had a custom stamp with a date in the middle of it MM DD YYYY. Was working fine in Adobe X but when the IT upgraded to XI I lost everything. I re-created the stamp with the date using the date script that I found in the forums for XI. When I create the stamp it updates to the current date but the next day it still shows the same date, in other words the script is not updating the date. Any ideas I really cannot find anything on this online?



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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Unless they gave you a new computer or formatted your hard drive, your custom stamp will be in the "user" "stamps" folder for your prior version.

          You can use the "app.getPath" method to locate the folder for user stamps for Acrobat XI. Your stamps should be in the version 10 folder.


          Or you fix your current stamp by editing at the system location.