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    InDesign: Set default location/folder/directory for place or relink command?

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      Is there a way to set a default location, folder, directory, etc, when using the PLACE command [Fig. 1] or RELINK button [Fig. 2]?



      They should add this option to the preferences panel's FILE HANDLING option [Fig. 3].



      SIDE NOTE: I need this option because I want to retain the image position and scale when I'm placing and relinking images with similar dimensions but different file names on NON-INDEXED servers.
      Which for some reason causes InDesign to crash when you return to that directory. Initially I can place or relink images from there, but on return it crashes, or hangs [Fig. 4].






      BOTTOM LINE: users should be given the option to choose which folder, directory, location, etc the PLACE and RELINK commands will take users to.




      Does anyone have an alternative, like a script, or plugging, or some InDesign secret I don't know about?










      Figures 1-4 below.






      Fig. 1





      Fig. 2






      Fig. 3





      Fig. 4