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    Trouble getting photoshop to work after download.


      We are trying out the creative cloud free trial. I downloaded Photoshop, but every time I open it, it freezes up and has to quit. The program is fully installed and it opens just fine, it just keeps quitting. I'm not sure if it's something with photoshop or with my computer. It will definitely impact whether we decide to spring for the subscription. I tried the live chat, but since we haven't paid for it yet, they won't help me. Anyone have a suggestion for how to figure this out?

      A few details:

      - we have plenty of space on the computer, so that's not an issue

      - the program does show up on the cloud screen

      - we're using Windows 7

      - Attached is a screen shot of the error message that pops up

      Screenshot 2014-07-03 09.53.22.png