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    Unable to open catalog


      After upgrading to LR 5.5 I had to recover to a previous date and in the process ended up losing my 5.5 and reverting back to 5.4.

      Now when I try to open LR, I get an error msg that states  Unexpected error opening the catalog.  I have the options to retry, choose a different catalog or to exit

      Of course when I retry the same thing occurs, when I try  Choose a different Catalog a different windows opens and gives the choice of either choosing a different

      catalog or to create a new one.  I am unable to do either one.  I am pretty certain its user problem and need a little help if you can



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          Brett N Adobe Employee

          If you are unable to create a new catalog, then the problem probably isn't that your catalog is broken. More likely is that whatever problem you had with 5.5 is still present on the system or you were not able to cleanly remove LR5.5 and some piece of it is interfering with LR5.4. I'd suggest running through the uninstall process for LR and then delete any left over application folders and clearing out the preference files (don't delete you catalog, but that shouldn't be an issue as it is stored in a completely different place, by default).

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            fargois Level 1

            Thanks for the suggestion.  I finally resolved the issue by DL the 5.5 from the Lightroom website

            And installing it. That seems to have resolved the issue since I can now open LR.

            I appreciate you responding to my question, your suggestion that some piece of 5.5

            Lingered after the recovery of the computer pushed me to doing the update to 5.5

            Directly from the website.

            Thanks again



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