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    Connecting to web site

      I have never used Contribute 3 before. It asks me how I connect to the web server, FTP, Secure FTP, Local/Network or webDAV. I have no idea how to answer this. I know our web page is hosted by either yahoo or godaddy. Which category do these hosts fall under? Also, how do I obtain a user name/password? The woman who used this has since left the company and charges us when we ask her questions, so I am trying to avoid that hassle. Please advise!
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          ThinkInk Level 2
          I think you can safely choose FTP to connect to the webserver and break your mind over alternatives when this doesn't work.

          But you really need the following data:
          1. FTP-adres, something like: ftp.yoursite.com
          2. Username
          3. Password

          Without these you will not be able to make a connection. So you will have to call the woman or your provider and get these data.