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    Question re: colors mismatching in two different documents


      Hey all,


      I use Photoshop (CS2) primarily for coloring illustrations and comics, and although I'm not quite a technophobe, I still always get tripped up on the technicalities of the program. Here's my problem in a nutshell: I have two different documents, both with the same color profile (Adobe RGB 1998), both open at the same time. I use the eyedropper to select a color. I switch from one document to the other, and the color as it's displayed changes rather dramatically (even though the color picker says it's still the same - 190R, 120G, 120B). The shift in how the color is displayed is consistent even if I change it using the picker or eyedropper - which is to say that the display error is consistently wonky from one document to the other.


      What in the world is causing this? The saturation and brightness are quite different from one document to the other, to the point where it's immediately noticeable to the naked eye. This only happens with certain docs - in most cases, the color remains consistent from one doc to the other if I have multiple docs open, but it just goes wonky when I move over to certain docs. I've had this problem before, with colors displaying differently as jpegs, for example, than as tiffs in Photoshop, but that's obviously a correctable issue involving color profiles. I find it really frustrating that this is something that's happening from one tiff to another in the Photoshop work environment. Can anybody help me with this?