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    Pagemaker 7 Problems


      I have a friend who is an author...He uses PM7 to write his books, but has not finished one for a few years till now...Yes I know PM7 is years out of date but he loves it and has now just finished a new book. It consists of 260 odd single pages .The publishers asked for it to be converted to pdf  so i used the export to pdf option from within PM...Bad idea...the resulting pdf files are a total mess with changes in font and to and from bold as well, seemingly at random.

      I decided it would be better to use the conversion for a service provider, but to do that I obviously need to join the 260 odd individual files into one large file...I cannot find any instructions at all on how to combine the files...I used the book option from the utilities sub-menu and told it to join them all into a book....pressed OK and it did it I presume...however it just stops at that point and I need to know how to save the whole book as one file.....nothing anywhere tells me how to do it...in fact the only help file I found on the internet just stops after telling me to click on OK ....I would be eternally grateful if anybody could tell me what to do next

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          With ancient software comes ancient procedures. Print to postscript and distill it into PDF.

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            kendalton Level 1

            And ancient software users???

            Pardon my ignorance, but how to print to postscript?

            Using windows 7 and have been told postscript drivers finished with XP and that there is no PS driver for 7 

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              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Actually, if you have Acrobat installed you should be able to print directly to PDF.

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                kendalton Level 1

                As I said in the first post, creating pdf's loses all sorts of details, which is not good for a book....All I need to know is how to save a book in pagemaker.....

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                  BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  File > Save.




                  But if you think you’re going to find a printer that accepts PM files, you’re really stretching it.




                  That said, if you’re having those kinds of issues you are doing something wrong. I spent many years using PM and was one of the first to adopt a PDF workflow with it when Acrobat 4 was released sometime around 1998.

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                    Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

                    I don't know where the idea came from that PostScript drivers finished with XP. I've seen the idea before, but it's nonsense.


                    I would stick with the PDF export. Look at the PDF creation settings, make sure you embed all fonts. Check for a log in Distiller with warnings.

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                      kendalton Level 1

                      I have obviously been up a blind alley with the BOOK option....

                      Now all I need to know is why the pdf export gives lots of errors ie wrong fonts, style and bold

                      I only got into this to help a computer illiterate friend, the poor guy is looking at a complete rewrite of his book if I can't sort it for him....and for my own peace of mind as well I need to sort it.....About 30 of the pagemaker files wont convert via PM either, just throwing up a generic distiller error message.


                      He is using a PC with Vista as the OS, Acrobat 8 and Distiller 6.

                      He is going to be out of town for all of next week so at least I shall have a week off


                      I tried converting a couple of files on my own PC running Windows 7 and Acrobat X1(with built in Distiller) and get similair results...only with different faults such as numbers being replaced with XXX, I can, however, convert the files that throw up error messages on his machinealthough with errors in fonts etc


                      I am almost convinced that I am doing something wrong, just can't figure out what, after all it shouldn't be rocket science should it?

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                        BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                        PM had a horrible capability of using fake bold and italic, IIRC, which was

                        known to cause issues in PDFs.

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                          kendalton Level 1

                          That could well be what has happened...Can you remember if anybody ever sorted a work around?

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                            BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                            The workaround is not to use faux bold and italic.

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                              Jay Chevako Level 3

                              Pagemaker puts five slightly offset copies of a font to create a "faux" bold. The italic version takes the fonts and skews it. This is hideous typography, and it can create havoc, especially with some of the pdf converters people try to use. 

                              The solution is to replace the font with a version that has an actual bold and italic version. This can be done in pagemaker using the search and replace function, but your text will roll and the pages will change, depending on how different the new font is.


                              With 260 individual files this is going to be a lot of work. I would break down and start copying each individual page file into one (or a few) pagemaker file, saving often and keeping sequential copies as a backup. When you are done, fix the font problems and then identify and remaining problems that may be affecting the distiller errors.

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                                kendalton Level 1

                                He is not very happy to have to change the fonts and I can't say I blame him....However there is possibly another option....I hope...

                                Rather than converting to pdf files, the publishers will accept a Save For Service Provider..Trouble with that is that every separate page is a separate file..

                                Is there any way of joining up all the files into one large PMD  publication?.....If so the problem is solved...If not he is shafted if you will excuse the expression.....