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    prevent print of signature




      After reboot, I saw a message "new version", so I download / installed the new adobe reader. Which is now X11 (11.0.07).


      There is a new feature regarding "signed documents": I opened a pdf and some extra text was displayed with a message "Signature not certified"...


      The awful thing is: This signature is not only shown, it is also printed!


      How can get rid of the signature when printing?!? I spend half an hour searching. Nothing.


      And I don't want to read 20 pages on signatures, trust etc. - I just want to print a document unchanged, without the readers comment telling me that it does not now the certificate.


      I even (manually) accepted the certificate. But now it is still printed. Now with an according comment. WHICH I DON'T WANT.


      Hell, why doesAdobe makes this so complicaetd? Where is the "ignore certificate" button?!?


      Any pointers welcome.