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    Conditional Text Odd Hide Behavior

    bufossil Level 1

      We are using FrameMaker 12 (unstructured) on a Windows 7 platform (64 bit).


      I have the following anchored frame and paragraphs that together form a block of conditional text:


      Small icon graphic in an anchored frame aligned to left margin.

      Body Text paragraph (this text runs around the small icon graphic)

      Body Text paragraph (this text is below the small icon graphic, aligned to the left margin)

      1. List Num 1 paragraph (aligned against left margin)

      2. List Num + paragraph (aligned against left margin)

      3. List Num + paragraph (aligned against left margin)


      I block everything described above, and apply a conditional tag.


      When I hide the conditional text, 100% of the conditional text disappears, except:

      • Tthe "1." that is part of the Autonumber format for the List Num 1 paragraph. (The text of the List Num 1 paragraph disappears as it should.)
      • The anchor for the small icon graphic's anchored frame.


      The "1." and the anchor seem to be stuck to each other when I try to hide the conditional text. (They are separated by two paragraphs of Body Text prior to hiding the conditional text.)


      Anyone have any ideas about what is going on?


      Thanks in advance,