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    Trusted signatures not recognized


      A little background...


      Setting this up for an organization using Acrobat X. We are going to have about 20 signers, all of whom need to be able to sign and have their signatures appear as valid to all other users. Windows 7.


      Right now, our process is this. We go to each computer and create a signature. We take the .fdf file and put it on a shared drive. That .fdf file is then added to everyone else's trusted signatures and certificates.


      Here is the problem...I tested this and even though I had the .fdf file of the trusted signer in my trusted identities, it still says "at least one signature has problems."


      So I have two questions. 1. What could be causing this?  2. Is there an easier way to get 20 trusted certificates on everyone else's trusted list than the way we are doing it?


      Thanks in advance for the help.

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          I posted a similar issue 3 days ago and no one has responded.  We have a similar situation in that we have 20-30 employees, and all have created digital signatures on their perspective laptops.  We have several forms we store on a  shared drive that everyone has access to, and each form can require anywhere from 3-6 signatures of approval.  We have done this for years using Adobe Forms and never had a problem.  We just recently upgraded to Adobe X Pro.  I have created new forms, just like I have in the past, and now, when the first signature is placed, we get the message that at least one signature has problems.  The subsequent users, can place their signatures, until it reaches the final person.  When the form reaches the final person, this person is not able to place their signature.  I do have it set to lock the form upon this final signature placement if that makes any difference.  When the final approver clicks in the signature box, it does nothing.  I am not a very technical person, and having much difficulty figuring out the problem!  I was trying to read various forums and all the help info I could find, and I am reading quite a bit about the signatures needing to be "trusted" or placed in some type of trusted list?  I'm not sure what that means and do not understand what to do.  Didn't have to do this before, so I'm not sure what has changed or what is different in Adobe X Pro.  Like you, I have 20-30 people, scattered all across the country that use these forms and need to be able to place their signatures.  Can you offer me any insight into what you did to get all these signatures trusted?  But based on your post above, that may not fix my problem either!  Anybody have any suggestions?

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            George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            For both of you, it would be helpful to know exactly what problems are reported in the signature pane.

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              IsakTen Level 4

              I need more information on how you set up your signing environment.

              Have you procured signing certificates from a Certificate Authority (one or several), or have you created self-signed certificate for each signer?

              If you procured your certificates from a Certificate Authority, you need to place in Trusted Identities only the root certificate of that Certificate Authority.

              If you have self-signed certificates, then, yes, you need to place all of them on each machine that validates these signatures, as self-signed certificates do not have common root. I suggest to use Acrobat's Export Security Settings feature instead of FDF.You add all certificates to Trusted Identities on one machine, then Export Security Settings (Trusted Identities only) to acrobatsecuritysettings file, send this file to each employee who then uses Import Security Settings feature to import this file. This will get all certificates added to Trusted Identities. It is a one-time process. Of course, if you get a new employee, you need to repeat the process.

              In Acrobat X Export/Import Security Settings is in Tools->Sign&Certify->More Sign&Certify. In Acrobat XI it is in Edit->Preferences->Security.

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                --[ELLOBO]-- Level 1



                Thanks a lot! Export worked like a charm. We were using self signed certificates.


                If you don't mind, do you have any experience with setting up signatures on a mobile device such as an iPad? Is it the same process. We want it to work with all of the other signatures. If I have a self signed certificate on my desktop, is there anyway I could use the same password and certificate from my iPad?

                Thanks again, and to you as well, George.

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                  George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  I'm not aware of any PDF viewers for iOS that have support for digital signatures. Adobe Reader doesn't. There's one for Android (qPDF Notes) that claims to, but I'm not sure exactly what it supports.