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    impossible to launch Flash CC 2014 - and worst CC experience ever

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      Let me explain the process here :

      1. I launched Flash CC (not 2014), which I haven't launched since a long time. Then I opened a new AS3 document. And tried to use the brush tool. I selected a brush size. And then it crashed. Yes only that...
      2. Adobe displays a message after crashing saying that they have a solution for this problem of crashing. Cool I think ! I click on the link, but arrive on the new creative cloud 2014 apps.A bit disappointing, but I think that the problem is resolved with Flash CC 2014.
      3. So I download Flash CC 2014. And launch it. And it crashes.... Ok maybe it is a bad install. I restart the computer.
      4. But then Creative Cloud asks to install the new CC Desktop app. F***. It begins to be a bit long to just use Flash !!... (Ok, I can use Flash at this point, but I need to synchronize my files, so I need CC desktop app. Anyway, I don't understand why I should download the latest version as the version I use works great : synchs my file, install fonts, and install softwares, which is the basics I need from Creative Cloud)
      5. Ok I start to reinstall CC Desktop. But it fails !!! Yes F******** !! Error 43. "contact the consumer service". Ok I click. And I arrive on the Creative Cloud Help. BUT WHERE IS THE MESSAGE FIELD I NEED TO SPEAK TO ADOBE ???? OR THE TEL NUMBER OR WHATEVER ??? Where is the consumer service ??? Nothing ! I have to search inside all these forum links and help and find the good link to contact Adobe. WHAT A MESS ! But Adobe is not available. We are friday. I have to wait until monday. But I CAN'T !!!
      6. Yes. Let's calm down a bit. I uninstall CC app. Restart. Redownload CC desktop app. Ok, but where is it on the Adobe website ?????? There are all apps visible everywhere (photoshop, illustrator...) but NO CC desktop APP !! I end up finding it somewhere (i don't remember where), and reinstall it. IT WOOORKS !! youhou. I notice that this new version doesn't do much more than the previous one : synchs files, install fonts, and install softwares. Oh, ok, I can go to the marketplace ! Ok, but, is it an essential feature ? I don't think so... I could have lived with the previous version and save some useful time !...
      7. Ok but but but but.... CC app redownloads ALL my creative cloud files (3 GO) although my folder is already there in my computer, all at the latest updates !! Nevermind... I'll wait. It is already 1 hour I'm fighting with Adobe. So I can go on wasting my time with PLEASURE !!
      8. Ok. Pfiou. Maybe Flash is working now ? Why ? Why not ? But no... Still not working... But there is a message from adobe saying they have a solution for this specific bug. Ok I click on the link. I arrive on "adobe.com". What a joke it is...
      9. So I need a solution, please. How can I do to make Flash CC and Flash CC 2014 work on my MacbookPro 2010, with Mavericks 10.9.3 ?
      10. Thanks


      These steps are to describe how BAD the experience is with Creative Cloud at this moment, especially for the support feature. Please make it better. Really better !

      And please resolve my problem with Flash CC 2014, which is the first aim of this post. It seems like there are a lot of cool features I don't need but would be pleased to test. The best would be to be able to open the software of course...