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    Booklet printing shifts pages off-center


      On my iMac (using OS 10.8.5), when I print in booklet format, the two side-by-side pages shift towards the middle, so that the gutter is reduced and the outside margin is increased.  I want the pages to print simply side-by-side as normal.  If any shifting were wanted, it would be to shift away from the gutter, not into it.  I can find no settings that affect this.  How can I correct it?

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          jacquesg80657695 Level 1

          Hello  gbart44,


          Since your post, did you find a solution ? If so, can you tell me this one ?

          Thank you !!!!



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            Abambo Adobe Community Professional

            Booklet printing does not consider the page size, but the printable size. It may be that that is the problem with your booklet.

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              I have the same issue as the original poster. The printers (three of them) all are able to print much closed to the edge of the paper than the booklet will print. I, too, get a much larger margin on the outside edges than the gutter or center between the pages so they appear off center towards the middle (staple). The pages are perfectly centered in InDesign and appear centered when viewing the PDF in two-up (cover) mode. Is there a way to get the booklet to honor the margins?

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                Abambo Adobe Community Professional

                There is no way to influence the booklet printing except by changing the margins in your printer driver. Unfortunately booklet printing has been implemented that way. That is the reason why I use the "Print Booklet" function of Indesign for booklet creation. This gives me full control on margins and I can print to a PDF printer. That is, unfortunately, not possible on a MacOS system, as Apple does not allow using virtual printers.


                The workaround to this would be to print to a file (using a Postscript printer) and using Distiller to create the PDF. I can, however, not confirm this workflow.

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