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    CC Force Motion Blur - Pixel Warping


      I apologize if this has already been written about - I did not find anything searching through the forums (or Google for that matter)


      I've had an issue with a particular layer that does a Y-axis 1 rotation spin that's rather quick. I decided to turn off comp motion blur to save on rendering time, as I just normally ingest the non-motion blurred render back in to AE with an added CC Force Motion Blur - saves a lot of rendering time.


      Doing that this time, however, caused severe pixel warping due to what I'm assuming is the layer moving too fast for AE to appropriately calculate the frame blend. The effect works fine for the rest of the comp.


      The way I've worked around this is by rendering out the 29 frames the layer takes to do the spin and just piecing it in with the final render.


      My question to you all is: What is your experience with this? Is there a better solution?





      FX off

      example pixel warp - FX off.PNG


      FX on

      example pixel warp - FX on.PNG

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          Dave LaRonde Level 7

          Take the rendering time hit for this layer -- use AE's Motion Blur.  Once the motion ends, it renders faster again.   And to make double-dog-sure the render speeds up again, you can split the layer once the motion is done... and before it begins as well.  This all assumes you're rotating the layer in AE.


          But if the rotation is done in an image sequence from a 3D app or a movie file, you're stuck using Force Motion Blur... just go easy on it.