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    High Score Table

    npo rule

      I am trying to create a high score table for a target game I am creating. But i am completly stuck and confused. Can anyone please help me?

      Ok I need to store 3 things; the persons name, their score, and the number of hits they have taken.

      The users name will be taken from a html page and stored somewhere in the director file. I can already record their score and number of hits they have taken.

      What I want to happen is that when a user opens the web page they enter their name and this is then sent to the director file and stored. They then play the game and their score is recorded in a variable score and number of hits taken is stored in another variable hits.

      Once the time is up they are taken to a high score screen where thier score is shown on the high score table if it is higher than any of the previous score.

      I need these scores stored in a cookie so that when the user returns to play again their previous score will be there.

      I know this is alot but if anyone could please help me it would help me so so much.

      Thank you