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    How do I change the file default from CS3 to CC 2014?


      I have CS3 installed.  I recently got CC and then I saw the update for CC 2014 so, I installed that.  So, I ended up with all 3 versions on my computer.  When I got CC and started working with old files and creating new ones, they automatically became associated as CC files.  This isn't the case for CC 2014.    I uninstalled the CC version of InDesign, because I went to open an InDesign file that I actually created with CC 2014 and it wouldn't open because, of course, I need to use the latest version since it's not backwards compatible.  This is annoying to me and I just want to work with the latest version and have all of my files open with CC 2014.  After uninstalling CC, my InDesign files now open in CS3.  I tried right clicking on the files and changing the preferences to have it open in CC 2014 but it wouldn't let me change the default from CS3.  I also tried opening files in CC 2014 and then saving them again in hopes that the files would identify themselves with the latest version, but no luck.  Any suggestions on how I can rectify this?  Thank you!