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    Auto-Export for Photo Booth


      Hello everyone -


      I am setting up a photo booth for the first time and would like for the process to be completely automated so I can be free to take other pictures around the party. I've figured out everything except how to export the photos which have the preset and watermark applied.


      So here is the process:


      1) Picture Captured

      2) Frame Uploaded to Folder A [Lightroom is watching this folder]

      3) LR Auto-Imports

      4) Presets and Watermark Applied

      5) Auto-Export to Folder B <- This is the step I need to figure out [3rd party auto-publish software is watching this folder]

      6) Publish to SmugMug Acct.

      7) Photo available online for guests to download/share/purchase


      I know LR saves a copy of the original frame to a specified folder but I would like the Final preset photo to be automatically placed into a different watched folder.


      I hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance!



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          areohbee Level 6

          If you want to auto-export after auto-importing, you have to use a plugin.


          If all your import needs are handled, consider just using Publish Service Assistant's auto-publishing feature - you can set it to check for new photos to publish every few seconds, or minutes..


          If you want to revisit your importing too, consider:


          * Jeffrey Friedl's Folder Watch

          * My Ottomanic Importer.



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            nickrileyphotography Level 1

            Thanks for the quick reply, Rob!


            I failed to mention that I am running LR4. It looks as though the Publish Service Assistant only allows for auto-publishing in LR5. Is this true in your experience with the plugin?


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              areohbee Level 6

              Oops - yes: and same will be true of Jeffrey Friedl's Folder Watch - both are taking advantage of the auto-publish feature introduced in Lr5.


              Begging the question: why don't you upgrade to Lr5?


              Assuming you can't...


              Ottomanic Importer on the other hand is using an "ad-hoc" (on-the-fly) exporting technique which is compatible with Lr4 too. As long as you don't need any export filters (post-process actions), it should work - it's kindofa beatch to set up though if you want the truth, but I can help with that (outside the forum please).


              Hint: you'll want to select 'Export After Import' in preset manager section of plugin manager.


              Big oops #2: if your smugmug is only supporting publish (and not regular exporting), then you're dead in the water without Lr5, short of resorting to more desparate measures anyway (like AutoHotKey scripts..). Which OS?




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                Did you figure out how to implement the "automatic export after the presets are applied" part? I downloaded the 'folder watch plugin' from Jeffery. So far it moves the files from a folder that is being watched to another folder successfully. But I cannot figure out how to apply the presets and export the file. I used the setting to apply predefined preset but cannot find the settings where I can set it to export files to a certain folder.


                I have Lightroom 5.6, windows 8 machine. I am new to lightroom and have not tried publishing feature. I generally just edit the raw images I like and export them.


                I would really appreciate if anyone could help figure out this step!!




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                  areohbee Level 6

                  A picture's worth 1000 words..



                  In other words, jf Folder Watch does not support "plain" (non-publish) export after import, but you can *publish* after import.


                  If your export service does not support publishing, consider Ottomanic Importer's "Export After Import" preset instead, which supports a plain ol' export after importing.



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                    KPdolphin Level 1



                    Can you tell me what steps I need to take to export images after preset is applied?  Few questions:

                    1. I should be able to apply the preset to the imported image using "Apply develop preset" setting. Please confirm

                    2. "Add to standard collection" - can I leave it to none or create a collection and add here?

                    3. "Add to publish collection" - Do I need to create a 'Publish collection" to hard drive? (I am trying to export to a folder on hardrive which is accessed by a separate slideshow application for 'live slideshow')

                    4. "Publish this collection" - Should I just add the collection created in previous step here?

                    or if you have a screen shot to share of what the final settings would look like would be great. Once I know what needs to be done I will figure out how to publish collection etc. I will check out Ottomanic Importer's "Export After Import" preset.

                    Thanks you so much for taking the time to reply!


                    ETA: I didnt understand "export service does not support publishing" - what is export service? Were you referring to  'publish services' in LR?

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                      areohbee Level 6

                      Hi KPdolphin,


                      In a nutshell, select something besides 'None' for:

                      * Apply develop preset (consider this a confirmation).

                      * Add to Publish collection (if it doesn't matter to you, it won't matter to Folder Watch - i.e. any publishable collection will work).

                      * Publish this collection (yeah: the one you set up, e.g. hard drive..).

                      ( I dunno details - never done it m'self )

                      * Leave 'add to standard collection' alone, since you're interested in a publish collection (you can do both, but a standard collection has nothing to do with exporting after import).

                      But yes, you have to setup a publish service if you want to export after import using jf Folder Watch. If hard drive service will do it, then that's all you need.

                      If you are willing to setup a publish service, Folder Watch will probably be a more straight-forward option than using Ottomanic Importer, but if you do decide to go with Ottomanic, I'll help you configure it.


                      PS - there are 2 ways to get rendered photos out of Lightroom:

                      1. export

                      2. publish

                      Some plugins support both, some only one of those. Folder Watch allows you to link to a publish service, but not to an export service.


                      (export services can be seen in the export dialog: 'Export To' drop-down, publish services you setup in corresponding section of Lr UI - lower left panel in Library module)



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                        KPdolphin Level 1



                        It works!!!! Thank you so much!!!!



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                          Bradley Henderson

                          Folks is this software still available?