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    Need help moving LR4 Catalog to LR5


      I followed the steps outlined in previous threads. I located my LR4 catalog. I went to LR5 and did Import from Catalog. It didn't work though. The photos never transfered.


      So some backround. I had LR5 Beta and imported a few photos. Those are in an existing LR5 catalog. Also, I keep some of my LR4 photos on my hard drive but most on my external hard drive.


      Please help.

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          All you really need to do is have Lightroom 5 open your working Lightroom 4 catalog. The program will tell you that the catalog needs to be updated. You click OK and Lightroom will create a new copy of your catalog that will include all of your work and all of your images. It will leave the Lightroom 4 catalog intact and functional with your Lightroom 4 program.