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    Publishing to Hard Drive in Particular Folders


      Hi there,


      Sooo, I've been trying to find a answer to this without luck. So I'm hoping someone can help me out.


      I have Publish to Hard Drive set up to get photos onto my iPad for my jewelry company. I need the photos to come up in different folders- rings, bracelets etc. So I have smart collections set up do do this. Took me forever to go through 1000's of photos and attribute keywords to all of them, but it is done! So they are in separate smart collections for rings, bracelets, etc. The first time I published these into my iMac's Pictures folder, all the separate collections went into separate folders with respective names but in one big folder titled Untitled Import.


      However, when I tried to view these separate folders on my iPad because they were folders in a folder, they would only view in one big mess as opposed to separate easy-to-view folders. So I pulled them out of the main folder in the Pictures folder on my computer and, Voila! easy to view.


      Here's where the trouble starts. Now, when I make changes to the photos in the Smart Collections in LR and publish it will only publish to that same original Folder-in-a-Folder situation, each an every time. So really, it doesn't sync, just adds new folders. 


      I have no idea what the work around is to this so I'm appealing to the masses. What can I do?