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    Command + Scrub using up all my RAM



      I am using after effects CC 2014.
      I am creating a small animation and am trying to sync it with Audio so am using the Command + Scrub feature to playback audio and animated sequence.
      It works fine, but as I scrub, my RAM is drastically eaten away at until it runs out of RAM, it takes about 10mins until it is all gone.

      I have looked everywhere for an answer to this issue but can't find anything.


      I have purged all memory and this gives back about 200MB, but After effects still enslaves 3.8GB of RAM.

      Without Audio Scrubbing the RAM usage stays nice and low, somewhere After Effects is holding the Audio files hostage in the RAM I assume.


      How can I purge this from my RAM, only option currently is to quit after effects and reopen every 10-15mins.


      I am only using 8GB ram but it is a simple animation using Illustrator Files.