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    Why didn't CC 2014 retain my Personal Settings from CC Photoshop


      Well, up until the CC 2014 Update, I'd have rated the Web Experience with Adobe Products, a (5).  But since the Update to CC 2014 - most noticeably Photoshop - I am not really thrilled with the transfer of Personal Settings.  The Updated software may be fine. But to date, I've been busy with other items and have not had time to tell is the Updates are all that great or not. 


      I purposely did NOT do a lot of customization to the CC Photoshop, because - being very familiar with updates 'shorts': things don't quite updating as expected; by either side!  I held off.  I'm very glad I did.


      • I had to alter the 'Save for Web' shortcut KEY because of a conflict with another program.  No big deal.  But this 'KEY' change was NOT transferred to the NEW CC 2014 upgrade installation.
      • I also have noticed that the Filter addition of the 'Oil Paints' filter was NOT brought across to the CC 2014.
      • NONE of my 'Personal Workspace' settings were transferred.


      I clearly remember being asked IF I wanted to KEEP my settings from the 'then' current Photoshop installation.  I chose YES.  But obviously that made no difference.


      I have not had time to see what other 'changes' I made to the settings for my personal settings .


      So .. I am not at all happy about this turn of events.  But I am glad that I did not make a lot of changes.  Experience saves the day again.  But y'all should have done a better job of making this work.